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Hey everyone,


We want to thank you all for joining us today. In many ways, this was our first real public test of the Beta environment since we had to cut our first one short due to log-in issues. If you haven't already, please be sure to check out our feedback and bug reporting threads to let us know how the test went for you. We are already aware that some users experienced lag troubles, FPS slowdowns, or crashing. I don't want to minimize these issues - we can't know how frustrated some of you were and we are working on fixing them as we speak - but it is great that we are finding them now with your help. We can only simulate so much, and there is no substitute for getting a bunch of players into a district to truly stress test our new code. We really appreciate it!


Right now, we are processing all the crash logs we collected and are pouring over stats on the FPS issues some players reported. We are also investigating what might have caused the lag. There is no good reason for it that we know of at this time, but our best men are on the job. I also want to mention that we saw some questions regarding multi-threading floating around the community. Due to timing, we weren't able to get all the multi-threaded improvements into this build, so we hope the next build will run better.


If you enjoyed helping us make the Engine Upgrade a reality, please keep an eye out on our blog and on the forums for the next Open Beta window.


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