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Some good questions, guys. Let me try to answer a few of them:


1 hour ago, Lord Cashpoint said:

Does the discount on Joker Store clothing apply if you bought the item on Armas?

Bundle discount procs on items in your inventory. That means if you purchased things through ARMAS, you still get the discount on bundles if you own items from that bundle (no matter where they came from).


59 minutes ago, Leefekyn said:

Are we going cross faction for all of this? All the selected items seem to be in the screen shots, and I'm not sure if that's intended. 

Yes, some of the items that are only available through cross faction packs will slowly be made available. For example, with this patch, Handgun Leg Holsters and Spray Cans are available for both factions. In addition to those, the faction specific rigging, Tactical Leg Rigging and Urban Leg Rigging are also both available for both factions.


48 minutes ago, Flaws said:

This is HUGE for newer players who have less Armas items. Good stuff.


I am also interested whether these are all customizable because I don't see it mentioned anywhere in the blog post?

Yes, items are customizable!


58 minutes ago, wHisHi said:

Were will be more updates till 9/16? @Sakebee

We have another article planned for tomorrow 🐝

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