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Weapon balance is a tricky beast at the best of times but that being said, its going to take a few iterations to get the game in the state that we want for weapon balance. It is impossible to change all the weapons at once, as this would give us way too many things that we need to test. Even in testing these 18 changes, some minor, some major, it took over a dozen playests over the course of about a 15 individual patches after testing.

Frosi is right when he says:

24 minutes ago, 404 said:

i think he's mostly questioning the order of the changes, which is a fair question imo


why are the guns no one uses not getting meaningful balance to change that first?

18 minutes ago, Frosi said:

Because to increase a weapons power you want to have a proper baseline of whats a balanced gun, bringing down the meta guns slightly allows you to find this point of balance easier than having to experiment with underused guns.

The goal is to establish a baseline "Meta" with as few outliers as we can, then we can look at buffing the weapons that are unused or very underpowered. We are going to aim to give every weapon some ability to compete but with a game that has the number of guns that APB does, its going to take time, many iterations and time to let things settle after every patch.

I understand the want to make a quick judgement on the changes that were made but please test them out in game before forming your final opinion. Even if you disagree with the changes on paper, see if you still disagree with them after trying them in game. After that point, come back to the forums and help provide constructive feedback. While getting your opinion out about how you either love or hate a change we made is important, even more important is the reason WHY you hate or love that change. Without that feedback, its hard to form an opinion on how best to proceed  other than seeing what players are using after a few weeks of playtime with the new changes.

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