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In the ruined world full of uncertainty, happy memories are a valuable currency. A peaceful moment under the open sky, a distant echo of the wilderness and raw survival under your fingers. How many memorable moments can a single pondering mind preserve before they are lost forever?


Immortalized in a photograph, a moment is a tangible sentiment for all that remained.Share your best moments within the world of Fallen Earth with us all, and potentially trade them off for some valuable items!


How worthy is yours?


1. Catch an interesting in-game moment via screenshot.
2. Share it here with the rest of the community and give it a fitting caption.


1. Post your screenshot in a designated area of Steam Fallen Earth Community Page with title containing 'Screenshot Contest: [caption of your choice]'
2. Stick to unprocessed screenshots (please avoid cropping and Photoshop editing of your entry).
3. Make sure you leave a caption or a description with your screenshot that makes it unique!
4. Make sure you leave room for other participants and do not spam the entries. We will go through all of them regardless of when they were posted. Therefore, there is no need for posting it more than once.
5. Avoid inappropriate insinuations and captions that violate Terms of Service, or create discomfort in any other way.
6. Do not copy other users' screenshots, use somebody else's screenshots as your own overall, or post screenshots in the name of another player! Such entries will not be taken into consideration.


The event will be running from 28th March to 30th April 2022 (00:00 UTC). Entries posted after this period will not be taken into consideration.

We will be choosing the three best screenshot entries to reward for their contribution with the following items:


First Place:
- Mount: Prairie Chicken
- Pet: Trashy the Hermit Crab
- 50 Blue Chips


Second Place:
- Pet: Trashy the Hermit Crab
- 50 Blue Chips


Third Place:
- One Speed Booster of their choice
- 25 Blue Chips


We are looking forward to your inputs.
Good luck to all!